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Special Premium Dried Figs – A Type

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انجیر خشک پرک ممتاز - Premium Dried Figs

Introduction of Special Premium Dried Figs (A Type)

Special premium dried figs (A type) is fruit of certain fig tree which is called “Paives” in local dialect. “Paives” is a special type of fig tree which is local tree for Kazeroon city in Iran. Dried figs of this type has coarse grain size (about 24 to 30 mm) and all are opened mouth (smiley) and its color is yellow and white. Production of premium dried figs is very low and usually does not exceed 10% by weight of a garden product. The taste of this dried figs type is slightly differ from common varieties. According to this and due to its high price which is effected by its beauty and appearance, similar to Premium open mouth dried figs, buy above dried figs is not recommended except for those who are familiar with this special product.

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Fig properties

Figs had too many properties which is conjugated with the article “fig properties in nutrition and treatment” is available in this site respectful to the fans. However the following content is noteworthy in summary.

Paradise fig fruit which swear by Holy Quran has also high nutrient value and health benefits. Potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and C exist with proper amount in fig fruit. This fruit is also a rich sources of dietary fiber which had major role in preventing and relieving constipation. Due to the fact that foods high in fiber plays an important role in the management and control weight, figs consumption is an important issue in diets for weight loss. Moreover, figs contain large amounts of iron and vitamin C. combination of these two nutrient make figs as an extraordinary fruit for people suffering from anemia, particularly iron deficiency anemia. Figs consumption by children and those who pass recovering period is very useful because of easy to digest. Thus inclusion of this product in diet would be very rational and useful. This fruit is mostly use as dry. Since figs product in garden is different in type, size and appearance, are classified in different categories. Premium dried figs type A is one of these categories.

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