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انجیر تازه ؛ انجیر خشک - Fresh Figs & Dry FigsFresh Figs or Dried Figs, Which one is Better

In the Previous articles, history and botany of fig tree, fig benefits and dried figs and its production process were described. So you know that fig tree has a long history and is considered as one of the most important fruits in subtropical areas. Also you know that fig is very useful and putting it in the diet will help to family health. But according to fresh figs and dried figs, the difference may be a question for many people.

What is Happen for Fruits after Drying?

The First and general role in relation to fruit drying is that drying could have adverse effect on fruits nutrient. Contact with light and oxygen when drying fruits, partly caused destruction and loss of fruit nutrient. The main notable effects is reducing or elimination of some vitamins like vitamin C and folic acid. By the way, special effects sometimes observed in dried fruits which is less in fresh ones. For example laxative effects of some dried fruits are more than fresh fruits including figs, mulberry and plum. Having more fiber, iron and potassium in dried fruit, make them as a good choice for peoples who have deficient in these substance.

Dried Figs and Fresh Figs

It could be said that dried figs have 5 times more calories than fresh figs. Dried fig containing condense nutrient and more vitamins and minerals. Dried fig also contain pectin, which is thought to affect lowering blood cholesterol. But the important issue is that fresh figs is very tasty, delicious and has unique taste which dried figs could not be replaced. However, despite of dried figs, fresh figs supply is limited and it is not available throughout the year. This product has not long shelf-life even in refrigerator and scarcely exceed a week. Therefore continued use of figs is depend on to buy dried state; unless it’s other products prepared like figs jams. The promising point is preparing figs juice syrup by dried figs which is very tasty and unique drink. Preparing this drink will be explained in the future.

In terms of traditional medicine fig is warm and wet, so it’s fresh, dried or soaked from could be recommend to those who have cold and dry nature. People with cold and wet nature is also better to consume dry figs to avoid its dominance.

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