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خرید انجیر تازه و انجیر خشک مناسب - Buy FigsBuy Figs; Choose the Best Fresh Figs and Dried Ones

Best and proper buy is one of the customers concerns in any market. It is more difficult for customers in case of dried fruit markets, due to variability in products quality and discomfort diagnosis of inferior quality product from high quality ones. Successful buy figs in order to taking maximum advantages of figs and its products, is one of these cases. Here we want to give you some tips for choose the best fresh figs and dried ones. It should be noted our main purpose in expression “successful buy” is emphasize on product quality. You know that choose low quality product may lead to loss of fig benefits. Obviously product prices should be explainable, as much as possible.

Tips for Buy Fresh Figs

In the case of fig, you can use both fresh and dried forms of the fruit. But fresh form has limited offer and it is not available throughout the year as discussed in related article. Nevertheless, some of fig products can be prepared from fresh figs like jam and marmalade. Anyway, if you decide to buy figs in fresh form, you should be careful to not choose the sour fruit. Fresh peel and its appearance can also help the customer in selecting the right fruit. Fresh figs also should be somewhat soft. Otherwise, the fruit is raw and contains some caustic latex taste. In other hand, being too soft may also be associated with drop in product quality.

Tips for Buy Dried Figs

Buy figs in dried forms with very different types in the market, needs further careful. The first tip is checking rancidity without any effect on its appearance. If the dried fig has rancidity smell, sugar of fig is fermented and the fruit is spoiled. In another state, tail of the fruit forms stretched and veined and also fruit interior is somewhat empty. This case is the effect of special pest on the tree which decreases fig quality. The final tip is the skin of dried figs. The skin should has fresh appearance. Otherwise, the fruit may have low quality.

Finally, dried figs are divided to different grades based on grain size and skin color of the fruit. The larger grain size and whiter skin color, the higher product prices. Also percent of opened mouth figs, strongly affect the final fig prices. But you know grain size and opened mouth crop, is differ from quality of interior part of the fruit. Dried fig Types will be explained in an article in the near future.


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