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Figs syrup is an important products which is prepared from fig and is one of the oldest syrups and because of many therapeutic properties, has long been considered by many traditional medicines. Here, we want to describe preparation and properties of this syrup. Obviously, properties of the syrup are some part of fig benefits which are listed in related article. It should be noted that the figs syrup can be prepared by using fresh figs or using dried figs. Nevertheless, what you can find in the markets as “Syrup of Figs” can be prepared by dried figs using the following instruction.

Ingredients for syrup

Dried figs         500 gram

Sugar               750 gram (You can use less, if you want the resulting syrup to be less sweet)

Water               1.5 liters

Rosewater       one spoon

Lemon tart       one teaspoon

How to Make Syrup of Figs

First you should check and clean the dried figs and remove the tail. Next throw the figs in to the container and add the water. Now you should wait at least 2 hours to soak the figs completely. After that you should chop the figs uniform and soft by using a mixer. Put the resulting mixture into a pot and place over medium heat. At the same time, sugar should be added. After boiling, gradually lather accumulates on the surface that must be separated from the pot. This will prevent the overflow of container and changes the final taste of syrup. After consistency of the mixture, rosewater and lemon should be added. Finally use a colander with small holes and smooth the mixture. If the smooth syrup is not viscose, you can proceed the heating for more times.

After finishing and cooling the syrup, the possibility of transferring it to the proper containers provided. Produced figs syrup should be stored somewhere cool and away from direct light. This syrup can be used one to three times per day and about one tablespoon at a time with a glass of cold water. The maximum time that the home figs syrup can be consumed without concern is about a month if it kept in the right place.

Figs Syrup benefits

Syrup of figs is full of energy and is used to prevent muscle weakness. From the important benefits of this syrup, treat severe constipation and also removing child constipation can be noted. Other important benefits of the syrup can be outlined as follow:

  • Proper for the relief of sore throat and cough
  • Useful in thirst-quenching
  • Cure stomach flatulence and intestinal cancer prevention
  • Useful for those who lean and low appetite
  • Suitable for people with high cholesterol and uric acid
  • Coping with depression and nervous
  • Treatment of anemia and physical weakness and sexual energy

Disadvantages of figs syrup

Despite important and abundant properties of figs syrup, this is not recommended for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. The syrup also is not suitable for people with diabetes because of high sugar content. If these people like to use the syrup, they should have a good nutritional program and should control their blood sugar properly.


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