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خواص انجیر در تغذیه و درمان - Fig Benefits in Nutrition and HealthFig Benefits in Nutrition and Health

Fig which is placed in the group of grapes, dates and olives, is one of the most important fruit in some countries specially Mediterranean and Persian Gulf countries. Dried fig has a high value in aspect of food and medical and is a Suitable source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and high in vitamins A, B and C content and dietary fiber. This heavenly fruit is nutritious and invigorating and is the best diet for improving those who are week due to prolonged illness. Having a lot of sugar make dried figs as a suitable food for athletes. Fig benefits is not limited to fruit and contains its leaf, stems and latex.

Fig Benefits in Nutrition

Fig is a sweet and very nutritious fruit which contain many kernels and often used in dried form. Like other fruits, although this fruit is eaten raw, it is perfect and delicious food, which consuming right amount of it could be continued for hours without needs for food. Fresh figs are very tasty and also used for jams and pickles preparation. Eating figs and its byproducts is very useful for children and ill people who spend recovering period due to its easy digestion.

Fig fruit is rich in dietary fiber. Lignin is a kind of insoluble dietary fiber which contain in fig in large quantities and plays a major role in preventing and relieving constipation. On the other hand fiber containing foods had effective and beneficial role in weight control and weight management. Fiber delay hunger and therefore plays important role in weight loss regimes. In addition to weight loss diet, fig could be used in specific diets like low fat diets, low sodium, high fiber and diabetics. Blending fig fruit with milk could be used for week and lean people to induce obesity properties.

Due to small particles in figs, it is strengthens the stomach and intestines. This fruit also helps those who have low blood sugar and suddenly feel weakness, due to rapid glucose absorption in intestine. Eating dried figs with pistachios and walnuts improve memory and thinking ability. Also its inclusion in pregnant women diet could strengthen the baby’s memory. Fig soup is also very nutritious and increase milk in lactating women. This soup is prepared by cooking the mixture of green fig and meat. The fig sauce can be used as an alternative of fat sweetener in food tablecloths. To prepare fig sauce, 240 g figs should blended with a third glass of water or fruit juice in blender and mixed together. Fig could be used with other fruits but it is not compatible with acidic fruits like orange and grapefruit.

In terms of nutritional value and calories 40 g of fresh fig or a quarter cup of its chopped is equivalent to one serving fruit. Also about 1.5 dried figs is equivalent to one serving of fruit or 15 g carbohydrates which is consist of glucose and fructose. Each serving of fruit has high dietary fiber which supply 20% of body requirement. It is more than other fresh and dried fruits. Each 40 g fresh fig consist of 53mg calcium, 244 mg potassium (7% of daily needs) and 1.2 mg Fe (6% of daily needs). Also there is 79 mg calcium in each 224 g dried fig fruit. The researchers measured fig calcium amount in equal with milk calcium. Sugar constitute 50% of dried figs. In general, fig fruits is a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and A, B and C vitamins.

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Fig Benefits and treatment

Wide range of properties was listed for fig in different literatures. Note that in addition to whole fig fruit properties it comprise latex, leaves and stem. Accordingly leaves of fig tree is used due to diuretic properties, palliation and intestinal worm repellent. Its infusion also is housing and has been prescribed for cough treat. Fig properties can be referred to softening of colon and breast. Also fresh figs is a rich source of Beta-carotene and vitamin C which is used for prevent cancer. Fig boiled could be used in respiratory tract inflammation and its gargle prescript for sore throats, cold and gum infections. Eating fresh and dried figs use to cure chronic constipation so in modern medicine prepare syrup from fig to eliminate children constipation. Fig benefits can be explained in the following categories:

Fig Tree Leaves and Stem Benefits

Baked leaves of fig tree is laxative and decoction of it relieve abdominal pain. Adding fig tree leaves to boiling water makes a balm for pain and also treat painful and swollen hemorrhoids. For this purpose, you should sit into a tub containing the above mixture after that the water became lukewarm. By putting fresh fig leaves on wounds and scars in a short time, superficial wound heal effect of it can be obtained. 26 to 30 grams of decocted fig leaf in a liter of water is soothing and is prescribed to treat cough. Another benefits of fig tree leaves is reducing insulin requirements in diabetic person. Finally, fig leaf effect in lowering blood triglycerides can be noted.

In the case of fig tree stems benefits, it is mentioned that decoction of yang fig tree stems, removes excess water from the body. Also fresh fig tree bark is used to treat simple diarrhea and various bleeding.

Fig Latex Properties

Fig tree latex has bitter and caustic taste and its important benefits is treat depression and also has the effect of therapeutic properties for removing warts. For the treatment of warts, white latex of end of fig fruit or latex of tail of fig leaf should be on the wart for a few days to remove it. Also latex if mixed with egg yolk or oil and placed on the wound, it will heal. For treatment of skin injuries, poultice of figs with barley flour has been prepared and placed on the injury. Sap poultice of figs with Fenugreek also treat and cure gout and this is another fig benefits.

Fig tree latex is a very good laxative and has different diastase which is used for tenderize and soften the meat in cooking. In addition, fig benefits in preventing hair loss can be achieved by rubbing its sap on the head. Infertility and strengthen nursing mothers are other benefits of fig tree latex.

The Health Benefits of Fig Fruits

Fig fruit in term of traditional medicine is warm and wet and is the best fruit colon cleans. The fruit is very useful to treat constipation which is mother of diseases. Soaked fig fruit in milk is very tasty and has high effect for treatment of sever constipation. The fig is diuretic and increases sweating and therefore reduces the body temperature. This fruit is also used to treat indigestion and remove mouth malodor. Decoction of dried figs is applicable in the treatment of inflammation of respiratory tract, kidneys, pneumonia, measles, scarlet fever and smallpox.

Concentrated decoction of the fruit is very useful to relieve colds and its gargle removes sore throat. Fig benefits also can be found in chest discomfort treatment. For this purpose you should mix 20 gr of dates, dried figs and jujube and then grind the mixture. The resulting powder should be boiled in one liter water to reach half in volume. This decoction can be used 3 cups per day.

The fig has large amount of Iron and Vitamin C. Mixture of these two nutrients, makes figs to be a great fruit for people who suffering from anemia, especially Iron deficiency anemia. The fruit is very useful for anemic people who suffer from lack of energy, due to high sugar content in fig which affect the cell activity and energy production in the body.

Potassium is one of elements in fig and helps to control blood pressure. Potassium deficiency especially when associated with increased sodium intake can cause high blood pressure. Potassium also increase alkalinity of body system and is very effective in urea excretion and blood fat. So fig is very useful for those who are high in uric acid and cholesterol. In addition Potassium reduces urinary Calcium excretion. On the other hand, Calcium is known as multiplier in bone density, so eating fig, increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis. Milk and figs mixture is very effective in treating arthritis and joint pain.

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