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Iranian Common Dry Figs – Type D

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انجیر خشک معمولی - Iranian Common Dry FigsIntroduction of Common Dry Figs Product

Iranian Common dry figs, with about 14 to 18 and sometimes 20 mm grain size, has a variety of colors include white, yellow, cream and light brown. The quality of this type of product is acceptable, especially considering its affordable price and can be considered as most economical buy of dried figs. However in general the grading of this type is lower than the superior dried figs. Although buying common dry figs and domestic consumption of this product is accepted, this is not recommended for customers who expect very high quality and beauty of product. Similar to previous types, sizing and grading of common dry figs is done manually.

Product packaging will be consistent with the order.

Photos of all store products, are taken from real product and includes of flash photography and also without flash.

Fig Important Benefits

Numerous health benefits of figs is listed in different sources which can be seen in related article in this site. Here is a summary of relevant content:

Fig is placed in rows of grapes, dates and olives and is one of the most important fruits in some countries, especially the countries of Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Fig fruit has a high nutritional and medicinal value and is a convenient source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. Also fig is high in vitamins A, B and C and is a good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber in figs is very effective in preventing and relieving constipation. On the other hand foods which contain fiber play an important role in weight management. Fiber, delay hunger and therefore play an important role in weight loss diets.

Base on the above, inclusion of fig in the diet would be very logical and useful. Remember, fig is used in dried state mostly.

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