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Iranian Sargol Saffron (All-Red Type)

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زعفران سرگل ممتاز قائنات - Sargol Saffron

Introduction of Iranian Sargol Saffron (All-Red Type)

Iranian saffron with the first place in the world production has international fame. Various counties in Iran are producing saffron with high quality. One of the most important county in this story is “South Khorasan”. Supplied Iranian Sargol Saffron product comes from “Ghaenat” city.

You know saffron flowers have purple petals with 3 red strands. Based on the fact that which part of saffron strands is present in the product, we have different saffron types. Sargol saffron or all-red saffron type is the most common type which the style part of saffron strands is removed completely and red stigma is remained. If separated stigma contains no or few style, we have “Negin Sargol” saffron type with high overall color (210 to 260 units). If some parts of style is present in the stigma, the product is known as “Momtaz Safron”. Here our product is “Negin Sargol” saffron type with high quality.

“Sargol Saffron” is also known as “Sarghalam”, “Sar-Rishe” and “Momtaz” in Iran.

Buy saffron in our online store in grams unit which is smallest possible unit.

Methods for Using Saffron

The most common use of saffron is changing the taste and color of foods. For this purpose you should powder saffron. Then put the saffron to the suitable container like teapot and heat the container slowly. Using saffron in food increases the appetite and helps digestion and strengthens the stomach. Saffron can also be used with tea or in form of saffron herbal tea.

Important Saffron benefits and Harms

From different saffron benefits, enhance vitality and antidepressant properties can be noted. Eating saffron also regulates blood sugar and is relaxing. However, it should be noted that abstinence from eating too much saffron is very important. Do not forget, excessive eating this product lowers blood pressure and thins the blood which can cause some bleeding.

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