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Iranian Dasteh Saffron (White & Red Type)

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زعفران دسته - (White & Red) Dasteh SaffronIntroduction of Iranian Dasteh Saffron Type

Iranian Dasteh saffron consists of all parts of saffron strands by putting them over each other without eliminating any part. So this type is the main and basic type of saffron and other types can be achieved from this type. Length of style is about 5 millimeter and stigma can be longer or shorter according to the product quality. Strands are embedded over each other in the supplied saffron in one- way form (style on the style, stigma on the stigma). Supplied Iranian Dasteh saffron is produced in the “Ghaenat” city from “South Khorasan” county.

For knowing different saffron types, refer to the related article.

Overall color of Dasteh saffron type is between 120 to 150 units and this type is categorized as grade 4 in standard classification. Providing “Dasteh” from saffron strands is usually done by women and is known as “Dokhtarpich” in Iran.

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Using Saffron and its main benefits

Changing the color and the taste of foods is the main purpose of using saffron. For this purpose in the first step, saffron should be powdered. Second step is putting powdered saffron in to a suitable container like teapot and heating container slowly. Finally you can use the saffron in the food. Another method of using saffron is saffron herbal tea. Saffron in foods increases the appetite and helps digestion and strengthens the stomach.

The most important saffron benefits is enhancing vitality and antidepressant properties of this product. Eating saffron also is relaxing and regulates blood sugar.

In spite of many saffron benefits, you should know that indulgence in eating this product can be harmful. Excessive eating saffron lowers blood pressure and thins the blood which can cause some bleeding. Do not forget, maximum allowable amount for using saffron is 3 grams per month.

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