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Mountain Almond; Iranian Type

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بادام کوهی تلخ - Mountain AlmondMountain Almond; Iranian Type

Mountain almond is one of our products in special dried fruits category which is recommended for those who are interested in organic products. This is ready for you in Anjiran online store with the best economical price. Please contact for managing your order.

Introduction of the Product

Mountain almond is a deciduous tree or shrub and is attributed to Iran. This tree has many branches with static and mast trunks and has small and narrow leaves. The tree is resistant to unfavorable conditions and water shortage and can be seen in most of mountain area of Iran especially in Zagros hillsides. This tree with many white and bright flowers has a nice, beautiful and eye-catching view in spring and flowering time.

گیاه بادام کوهی - Mountain AlmondThe fruit of mountain almond tree is green and glaucose fruit in the first, and the main and mantle part of the fruit will place in a dry, hard and smooth crust slightly throw the ripping fruit. Raw fruits are small in size (about 2 x 1 cm) and bitter. The fruit will be operational in late spring or early summer, depending on the weather and geographical conditions. This fruit is known as different names like “Alook” or “Akhorak” in Iran.

Important Benefits of Mountain Almond

Eating bitter almond is not common and the fruit is used for prepare oil or poultice for topical uses. Mountain almond can be sweetening and used as snacks.

From most important benefits of bitter almond, laxative and anti-worm properties can be mentioned. Urinary retention treatment, treat cough and respiratory problems are other benefits of the fruit.

Resin of mountain almond tree is known as “Zodoo” in Iran which is flow and exudates from the trunk of the plant in the hot summer naturally. This resin is used in different food and pharmaceutical industries. Another application of the almond resin is preparation of oral freshener according to its aromatic content.

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