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About Us

First Words

Different Types of Dried Fruits produced in Various County Of Iran and Supplied to Local and Foreign Markets. Some of These Products Such as Pistachio and Saffron, With First Place in Word Production, Achieved International Fame, and Some Others Such as Dry Figs Accounted for a Significant Share of Global Production.

In the Case of Dry Figs, Fars Province has the Major Production in Iran and in Different Cities, most of Production is Allocated to Estahban. Therefore Many People in Iran With the Word “Figs”, Remember This City While This Paradisean Fruit is Produced in a Wide Range of Different Areas of Fars Province in the Foothills of Zagros Mountains. Northern Parts of the Kazeroon City is One of These Areas Which has an Important Contribution of Figs Product and many of its Gardens Produces High Quality, Exemplary and Unique Products.

Anjiran Birth

Due to the Increasing Development of E-Commerce and Considerable Portion of Traditional Market of Nuts, Idea of Direct Supplies Without Intermediaries Was Formed. On the Other Hand, in Spite of the Ownership of Fig Garden and Ovation of Produced Dry Figs, There was No Way to Proper Regularize and Widespread Offer of This Product to Customers. The Above Factors Led to the Design of Anjiran in 2015.

Anjiran and Customers

It Can be Said That Most of Dried Fruits in Traditional Markets Especially Dry Figs, is Result of Rotate Between multiple intermediaries, Mixing Different Types of Corps, Remain in the Warehouses, and Loss of Quality.

With The Direct Supply of Dried Nuts, What Will be Achieved for Customers Through the “Anjiran” Site, Get Fresh Produce and High Quality and Reasonable Prices.


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